How safe are mosquito coils?

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We’ve all had to use it once before, in mosquito swarmed places such as camps. While we all know that mosquito coils basically repel the mosquitoes around it, not many of us know exactly what the dangers of using this device can bring. 


Coils the dangers

Yes, these green spiral coils do help solve the problem of mozzies and most often than not, come at an extremely affordable price point. However, there have been multiple research showing the health hazards of inhaling these coils. So what makes these vexing vitriolic vessels so dangerous to us?

Majority of the coils out there in the market contain insecticides that are known to kill mosquitoes. Though the products are generally safe, it's the smoke that comes out of the mosquito coil that poses the highest risk. Studies have reported that the exposure to the smoke could pose significant health risks. Just for comparison, burning one coil is the equivalent of inhaling a mass burning of more than 100 cigarettes! Besides just the smoke inhalation, toxic formaldehyde is also a substantial chunk of its chemical compound, amongst other toxic chemicals. 

Other than the chemical dangers of these products, there are side effects that impact our health. For starters, the vapour of mosquito coils can result in dehydration and headaches, making your insect-free experience an uncomfortable one. Besides just temporary side effects, inhaling these coils in the long term have debilitating health hazards. Formaldehyde present in these coils have been known to result in cancer.


Natural Safer Alternative

At incognito, we sell a non-toxic natural room refresher that acts like a mosquito coil, but without the harmful chemicals involved! Our fresh pine and citrus aroma deters insects from coming into the fragranced area, leaving you insect bite-free! Besides having none of the toxic chemicals, our 100% natural product is also free from irritants, parabens and SLS. Get yours right here!

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