Side effects of bug bite scratching

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As we approach the hotter months of the year in our Sunny island we call home with more and more mosquitoes swarming, we often recall our parents ingraining in us that we should never scratch our insect bites no matter how tempting it can get. While we do know that there is the visible side effect of succumbing to our temptation which is inflamed irritated skin, what other impact does scratching have and is there any other way to stop the itch?

Side effects of bug bite scratching

  • Increased histamine response which is caused by scratching due to stirring up of mosquito saliva. This results in your body being more inclined to scratch for temporary relief
  • Red irritated inflamed skin that could run the risk of skin breakage with the more times you scratch against the certain area
  • Bacteria from the surface of your skin and underneath your fingernails. This could get into your skin, resulting in bacterial infection if you happen to scratch till you bleed


mosquito bites on skin - incognito singapore

How to stop the itch

If you do get a love bite from our mozzie nemesis, it is extremely important to remember not to scratch the bite. Although there are temporary ways to resist the urge such as just patting the itchy area, the best remedy is to use our Incognito Zap-Ease. 

How our product works essentially is by reducing the desire to itch by ‘localizing the poison and inhibiting the histamine release which causes the itch and urge to scratch’. Reducing the histamine has no negative effect on the surrounding skin and also reduces the unsightly swelling of the bite, as well as neutralizing the itch.

While Zap-Ease is definitely our top instant bite relief product, it is key to remember that prevention is always better than remedy. As much as possible, always remember to apply mosquito repellent on the way out and keep your arms and legs covered to prevent mozzies from getting to your skin. Give yourself that no mozzie experience with Zap-Ease instant relief! Click here to get your much needed protection from these pesky mosquitoes now! 

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