Creative uses of Citronella Oil

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Citronella, our go-to plant-based ingredient when we need to get rid of pesky mosquitoes. Although this powerful essential oil is known for being a natural alternative to insect repellent, there are many other uses for Citronella, from skincare to even household cleaning agents. Here, we give you a list of our 4 uses of Citronella essential oil and how you yourself can use Incognito’s Java Citronella oil.


Dandruff be gone

Mozzies can be an annoyance to handle, but so can dandruff! Luckily Citronella handles both dandruff and mozzies from getting in your way. Simply mix in 2-3 drops of our Java Citronella oil into your regular shampoo and viola this essential oil mix can help eliminate excess oil from your scalp; dandruff; fungus and infections while also simultaneously smoothing out your knots. This shampoo blend also has a multitude of benefits such as reducing your frizziness, softening the hair strands and soothing your scalp.


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Massage Oil

Due to its anti-inflammatory characteristic, using Citronella is also a great essential oil for muscle rubs to relieve aches, spasms and joint pains. Through improving circulation, this oil can eliminate swelling and tenderness of the affected area. Aside from just ordinary abdominal pain, this can also ease menstrual cramps for the ladies out there. 



Easing muscle aches is not the only thing our Citronella oil can do  — because of its aromatherapy effects, this oil also works wonders for relieving your headache! Like any other essential oil, our Citronella oil is perfect for incorporating into your aromatherapy routine. With its scent similar to that of floral-citrus like lemongrass, when inhaled, citronella can aid in stress management and fatigue.


Detergent enhancer

Up for trying out new refreshing fragrances on your clothes? Why not add a few drops of our Citronella oil onto your laundry! All you need to do is add in a couple of drops of our essential oil into your detergent depending on the intensity you prefer and your clothes will smell amazing. Other than the fresh sweet citrus fragrance of Citronella, this laundry enhancer hack can also kill bacteria in your laundry. Wearing your citronella scented clothes out is also a good way of making your clothes act as an insect repellent, shielding you from these nuisances. 


DIY Natural deodorant

Natural-based deodorants have been trending over the recent years so why not try making your own DIY natural deodorant with our Java Citronella oil. To start, mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda and arrowroot powder each in a small bowl. Next, add in and combine 4 drops each of coconut carrier oil, lemon essential oil, and our Citronella essential oil. Place the mixture into an empty twist-up deodorant bottle and let it harden in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Our Java Citronella oil provides your deodorant with antibacterial benefits while helping remove body odour naturally.


Floor cleaner hack

Did you know that Citronella is a popular ingredient used in various natural household cleaners? This is because Citronella is also known for its antibacterial properties. You could easily adapt our Java Citronella oil into your cleaning routine by simply applying a few drops of oil into your usual cleaning agent. 

floor cleaner - citronella - mopping - antibacterial


Up to try any of our tips? Check out Incognito’s Java Citronella Oil here! Our Citronella oil is sourced from Java, Indonesia which makes this oil rarer and more effective compared to other Citronella oils in the market. 

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